Youth for Christ – Ateneo

Youth for Christ – Ateneo

Faith Formation Cluster

PRESIDENT: Eugenio Diego C. Joaquin


YFC-A provides avenues for Creative Evangelization to its members to openly express their interests and talents, fostering their growth as individuals while forming and strengthening their relationship with Him. Through our household system, we also aim to provide an avenue for our members to discover and build personal relationships which make YFC-Ateneo worth calling your home.

Through various activities, like Youth Camps, Prayer Meetings, and YFC Month, members and non-members alike are invited to have a deeper understanding of their own faith, creating a home to different individuals sharing the same desire to be closer to God.

Youth for Christ – Ateneo humbly invites you to become part of our community–our family–as we come together to bond and to continue to be and bring Christ wherever we are.


In line with the vision of the international Youth For Christ community, Youth For Christ-Ateneo strives to be an organization of young patriotic leaders determined in their fields, passionate, set on Christ, pure in heart, and are a source of unity in their families; aimed at inspiring others to share God’s love and responding actively to the needs of their brothers and sisters in Christ.


To achieve our vision of a Catholic lifestyle, YFC-Ateneo is called to bring and be Christ for others. By being Christ for others, YFC-Ateneo is called to direct their passions and energy for creative evangelization. This lifestyle is further realized by developing Christ-centered faith and Catholic values through community building practices and activities.


  • Creative Evangelization
  • Household Community Building

  1. Every year, the bigger YFC community conducts an International Conference where YFC’s from all around the world converge for a weekend with our loving God.
  2. We have 3 “secret” committees. Join us to find what they are.
  3. YFC-A is home to many music lovers. The org room is a jamming haven! But you don’t need to be musically inclined to join YFC. Just be game to jump in and join.


  1. Spiritual Guidance – Many orgs of the Ateneo have a membership formation aspect which also includes spiritual formation. We can give talks, worships, reflection sessions and even train a member of said org to lead a worship to make it very personal to the organization.

  2. Youth Camps – Some organizations serve outside communities and we can offer heading a Youth Camp along the organization to deeply strengthen the faith and spirituality of that community.

  3. Performances – Organizations can invite us to their events to perform – from band, choir and dance performances.


Youth Camp

Prayer Meetings

YFC Month

Youth Camp

A three-day, two-night “retreat” held every semester, the youth camp lets its participants realize God’s presence in their life and deepen their relationship with Him and the YFC Community.

Prayer Meetings

These regular gatherings give our members the chance to get to know other members and form their spirituality through fun group dynamics and engaging talks, concluded with a heartfelt worship.

YFC Month

This is a month-long celebration of the organization’s culture and advocacies. The month starts off with a youth camp followed by fun events, culminating in a concert.


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426 – 6001 Local 5409

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MVP 208, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City

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