TUGON Ateneo

TUGON Ateneo

Sector-Based Cluster

PRESIDENT: Dominiq Ruth G. Reyes

CONTACT DETAILS: dominiq.reyes@obf.ateneo.edu

WEBSITE: tugon.org

As advocates against child sexual abuse and abandonment, we visit our babies and girls six times a week to ensure that they get the love and care they deserve. By preparing structured activities, we aid in their psychosocial development, which fosters their growth and healing. Aside from this, Tugon also executes several campaigns in and outside of the Ateneo to spread awareness on child abuse and abandonment to prevent its occurrence and to encourage proactivity in the issue.

The pinwheel, Tugon’s icon, symbolizes change or “turning one’s luck around.” As we share time, love, and hope with our girls and babies, we aim to bring about change in their lives. Despite the adversities they have faced in the past, the pinwheel serves as a reminder that everyone deserves a happy childhood and a life free from harm.

Here in Tugon, we work hand in hand towards fighting for a country free from child sexual abuse and abandonment.


To be at the forefront of the transformation towards a country free from child abuse and abandonment and an icon that serves a constant reminder of our purpose.


Tugon advocates against the existence of child sexual abuse and abandonment in the country. We organize activities that suit the developmental needs of the children and foster the recovery and growth of the survivors. By raising awareness, we engage and empower the community in the prevention of these realities.

Core Competencies:

  1.   Psychosocial Development of the Girls and Babies
  2.   Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Abandonment
  3.   Promotion of the realities of child sexual abuse and abandonment

  1. We are still celebrating our 30th year (year 2015)!
  2. We crafted our own Child Protection Policy (CPP).


National Child Sexual Abuse and Awareness Week (NCSAAW)

Pinwheels for Change

Community Insertions

National Child Sexual Abuse and Awareness Week (NCSAAW)

Our flagship project, NCSAAW Culminating Day, is where Tugoners and children from our partner communities form bonds by learning life skills through fun activities and other exciting booths.

Pinwheels for Change

Pinwheels for Change aims to advocate the special meaning behind the organization’s unique logo. The colorful pinwheels that symbolize change are sold annually in different variations.

Area Visits

Daily visits to several areas are done to aid in healing and development of abandoned and sexually abused children. The hope is that the kids feel like they have a family in their Tugon Ates and Kuyas



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426 6001 loc. 5403
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MVP 213, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City
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