Training & Development

Department of Training & Development
VP for Training & Development: Kemp Sherwin S. Po

Kemp Po

The COA: Training & Development (TD) is a service department that organizes council-and-cluster-wide human resources training, workshops, and discussion-based events. In addition, the niche of TD is being able to coordinate all organizations—coordination and collaboration of trainings for organizations, by organizations. In doing so, TD pursues the Council’s philosophy of minimizing activities while still achieving maximum impact.

The department is composed of the VP for TD as its chair and the TD Executive Team, a group of passionate, dedicated and fun-loving individuals who facilitate sessions, craft content modules for cluster-and-council-wide engagements, and plan department projects.

Department Initiatives

Ugnayan Summit

Ugnayan, organized in partnership with the DLSU Council of Student Organizations (CSO), is a leadership seminar that brings together organizations from COA and CSO. The summit aims to inspire the organization leaders to form meaningful collaborations by providing avenues for networking and bridging different but complementary competencies.

COA Leadership Day (COA LeaD)

COA LeaD, the flagship project of TD, aims to prepare, motivate, and inspire current and potential organization leaders through a series of talks from prominent leaders and activities that equip the participants with skills, perspectives, and mindsets for effective leadership.

Cluster Training and Formation Seminars

The TD department aids in planning and executing these cluster board initiatives that aim to develop the organization leaders, and at the same time, foster a sense of community within the cluster.

Values Workshop

The workshop aims to help organizations identify their shared organizational values in accordance to their vision and mission.

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