Special Projects

Department of Special Projects
VP for Special Projects: Tiffany Anne N. Yu

Sam Martin

The Special Projects Department is tasked to organize, implement and oversee the projects of the Council. These projects include Recruitment Week, Imagination Workshop and COA Awards. Together with the VP for Special Projects, the SP Executive Team will be in charge of communicating with the organizations regarding the details of the projects. The team will also deal first hand with the administration during the planning, implementing and evaluation stages.

Exteam Responsibilities:

  • Form the core committee that will plan and head the execution of the aforementioned projects.
  • Handle a variety of tasks as part of different committees such as handling event logistics, programs, secretariat and marketing.
  • Recruit necessary manpower (sub-core teams, not necessarily part of the Executive Team) if demanded by each event
  • Facilitate pre-project consultations and post-project evaluations.
  • Assist in the projects of other COA departments

Department Initiatives


Recruitment Week is every Atenean’s official gateway to organization life where students are invited to immerse themselves in Ateneo’s diverse array of organizations, student groups and publications.

COA Awards

The COA Awards is an annual year-end event where all organizations under COA are celebrated for their various projects and achievements during the academic year. COA Awards is also an event where outstanding student organizations and student leaders are recognized for their exceptional performances.

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