Ateneo Psyche

Ateneo Psyche

Science and Technology Cluster

PRESIDENT: Karlo B. Baingan


In 2003, three psychology student organizations came together to form Ateneo Psyche, the Loyola School’s premier psychology organization. Its members are currently composed of psychology enthusiasts coming from different disciplines, united under the goals of pursuing the promotion of psychology, the advocacy of mental health, and the development of a community where people come first. Even after transitioning from the home organization of psychology majors to an open organization, Psyche still strives to maintain being a home – one for all of its members – by embodying Rogerian principles of listening and acceptance in the context of excellence. This year, Psyche looks forward to delivering many projects, including but not limited to offering credible psychology talks, psychology training opportunities and mental health campaigns to the Loyola Schools community.


Ateneo Psyche is an organization that pursues excellence through the awareness and appreciation of Psychology as an applied science in a social context by a community of passionate individuals, who will ultimately be equipped with the competencies to contribute to the positive development of the Filipino nation.


To promote the interest in Psychology by creating avenues to showcase the relevance of the science and thus promote awareness and understanding to engage members to develop the self and society.

Core Competencies:

  •   Promoting Psychology
  •   Developing a Community
  •   Promoting Mental Health

  1. The symbol of psychology is a trident, seen on the right side of the logo
  2. Psyche’s logo used to be a man shaped like a trident. It was changed on 2014 to reflect what Psyche stands for: psychology, mental health, and being a home.
  3. Before accreditation, Psyche used to be three separate orgs. Working together, they made the Psyche we know and love today.


  1. Tutoring – Tutoring is offered for General Psychology and other psychology classes if requested
  2. Testing Services – -Psyche can help with making evaluations and assessments, learned in our Psychological Testing class
  3. EnPSYclopedia – -Secondhand textbooks in both core and psychology classes are offered for rent to members.


Last Lecture Series

NCMH Visits


NCMH Visits

Monthly visits to the National Center for Mental Health aiming to reduce stigma toward mental disorders and promote awareness of the country’s current mental health sector.


Psyche’s premier leadership development program, where upcoming student leaders are molded to become well-rounded project managers and officers through various modules based on researched psychological concepts.

Psych Week

A week-long project filled with fun and interesting activities, talks and exhibits that highlight psychology and promote its relevance in today’s world, while nurturing the bonds between members


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