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CLUSTER HEAD: Luis Gabriel P. Soriano


The Performing Arts Cluster is composed of five organizations whose passion lies in dance, music, and theatre. This cluster is diverse for its members come from different sectors of the university and yet we are drawn together because of this shared love for the performing arts. PAC allows its members to be formed in a deeper, more personal sense. We believe that it is through the arts that one can cultivate raw, undiscovered talent as well as build a sense of community and genuine companionship. As a group of performers, production team members, and creative artists alike, PAC constantly pushes for the relevance of performing arts within and beyond the Ateneo community for its ability to bring a different kind of impact.

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“Revolutionizing Filipino Excellence Through Performing Arts”

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PAC aims to hone the skill and passion of their members who, through their craft, will share this passion with audiences and push for the relevance of the performing arts in the Philippines.


PAC Trade
Similar to Ateneo Trade, this serves as an avenue for PAC orgs to rent or sell items as well as recruit volunteers. This initiative was formed in order to provide a sense of unity and develop camaraderie between PAC orgs.

This brochure is a collaboration between orgs from PAC, MCA, IRC and Heights that features each organization’s projects in order to promote awareness and appreciation for the different kinds of art and culture within the Ateneo community.

This is the annual culminating production of the Performing Arts Cluster in order to show the potential of PAC by sharing the talent, culture, and art that each organization embodies.



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MVP-205, Ateneo De Manila University, Quezon City
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