Ateneo PEERS

Ateneo PEERS

Health and Environment Cluster

PRESIDENT: Christopher Karl R. Concepcion


Let’s be honest. Every org will say they’re fun. Every org will say you’ll find a family. Every org will say you’ll have a chance at love. So, let’s skip all of that and get to what PEERS is about.

We’re about self-discovery. From athletes to artists, writers to role-players, anyone and everyone is welcome to make their place in PEERS.

We’re about understanding our feelings, and doing something about them. Everyone is welcome to talk about it, to make sense of the things that keep us up at night. Whatever issue it may be, from family to friends, love to relationships, sexuality to identity, from your experiences to who you are; we can talk about it.

This is what we want to give to the Loyola Schools community, and you can help make it happen.

We could all use a helping hand. Why not be one for others? Helping others help themselves. There are countless ways. Let’s find them.


We envision ourselves to be a family of peer coaches who are able to help others and themselves in discovering, understanding, and addressing their emotional and psychological needs.


Our mission is to form a family of peer coaches advocating emotional wellness by empowering its members through training and teaching the person-centered technique of counseling, thereby allowing them to realize their own potential. With this, they become equipped with skills to facilitate, offer emotional and psychological support and guidance to various individuals in the LS community.

Core Competencies:

  •   PEERS Formation
  •   Peer Counseling and Facilitating
  •   Proactive Stance

  1. This year, PEERS is celebrating its 25th year!
  2. Every other Friday, the org goes out for gimmicks called FriDates!
  3. The org has a special three-day, two-night activity off-campus called Phase 3. What happens in Phase 3? Join it to find out!


  1. Facilitation – PEERS offers several facilitating programs, such as self-empowerment, stress management, homesickness and other topics that may be available upon request. Other topics like team building and others can be facilitated upon consultation. A separate program is also offered as a guide for those interested in becoming facilitators themselves.
  2. Peer Counseling – Peer counseling focuses on helping the clients or counselees discover and understand themselves through person-centered techniques. One-on-one peer counseling is made available for those who wish to seek guidance about personal problems or simply looking for someone to talk to about these experiences, but are hesitant to see professionals.
  3. Discussion Groups – Discussion groups bridge together members of the Loyola Schools community with similar concerns and have them share their experiences to other people. The service intends not just to help people with their problems but also further promote the importance of mental and emotional wellness among students. Some of the topics include depression, broken-heartedness, broken families, and other issues that may be available upon request.


Phase Trainings


Support Group Sessions

Phase Trainings

Phase Trainings equip our members to help others help themselves through facilitation and peer counseling. These skills are then put to the test at Final Phase: The Ultimate ExPEERience.


As an organization that values empathy, PEERS believes in the power of effective listening. T.A.L.K. lets people express themselves openly and free of expectations. Also, we like coffee and tea.

Support Group Sessions

In your struggles, you are not alone. Through PEERS Support Groups Sessions, students with similar problems can come together for advice, coping strategies, warmth, and consolation.



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0915 880 PEERS (7337)
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