Organization Strategies & Research

Organization Strategies & Research
VP for Organization Strategies & Research: Keefe Elbert Tan

Aliena Miranda

The Organization Strategies and Research department is responsible for conducting studies, researches, and surveys that help make a conducive environment for organizations to grow and develop. The department also serves as the main consultant with regards to the Performance Management System of Organizations and provides feasible recommendations and strategies to organizations and council wide projects. Lastly, the department also coordinates lobbying efforts made by the council, from the studies it conducts.

Department Initiatives

Nation-building Evaluation Study

A longitudinal study that aims to gauge, through the development of a comprehensive metric, how each organization adheres to the 10-point thrust established by the Ateneo, and responds to the call of being men-and-women-for-and-with-others.

OSR Blog

A year-long effort by the OSR department to highlight the best practices of top-performing organizations.

Depression Survey Initiative

A survey that aims to obtain a baseline understanding of the LS community’s perceptions of depression, and to identify key structures that contribute to the stress and mental burnout of an org member.

AISIS Resume and Student-Leader Database

An online system that would allow students to build their resume through AISIS and at the same time allows the council and OSA to keep tab on the student leaders affiliated with COA.

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