Office of the Secretary-General

Office of the Secretary General
Secretary-General: Christopher Joshua S. Villaester


As the chief administrative office of the council, the Office of the Secretary-General (OSG) holds the crucial role of managing the council’s daily affairs: calendaring, archiving, conceptualizing and executing promotional material, providing documentation, creating publications, and ensuring effective information dissemination to the 52 organizations and the COA Central Board (CB). The OSG is also in charge of the management of the official COA Website, and the different online initiatives of the COA CB. This academic year, the Office of the Secretary-General’s initiatives include the Official Website of the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo, the Official newsletter of the Council which will be launched soon, and the Official COA Brand Book. All of these initiatives are executed through the help of the OSG Executive Team.

The Office of the Secretary-General Executive Team is composed of three branches:
Administrative, Promotions and Documentation, and Web & Social Media Management. Being in the OSG ExTeam opens opportunities to hone skills such as time management, oral and written communication, writing, and designing. It also enables one to stay up-to-date on organization and council-wide news, as well as allows one to interact with members of the Executive Teams, the COA Central Board, and the different organizations’ officers and members.

Department Initiatives

COA Website

The COA Website, powered by the Ateneo Management Information Systems Association (Ateneo MISA), aims to be an avenue to showcase all the council organizations – their identity, core competencies, projects, and services.

COA Utility Reservation System

COA also provides different services such as room and equipment reservations. The Office of the Secretary General handles the overall operations for the reservations and is the custodian for the equipment available.

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