Nation-Building Efforts

The Nation-Building Evaluation Study

By Jose Enrico Tiglao

The Nation Building Evaluation study is the benchmark initiative of the Organization Strategies and Research (OSR) Executive Team of COA this year. It is a study that takes a look at each of the unique organizations that make up COA and see how their efforts measure up to the dreams of the Ateneo to foster what one can call “nation building” – ideas and actions geared towards better social attitude and social impact – to truly live out the call to be men-and-women-for-others as organizations and as one COA. As the name implies, the study is an evaluation of where each organization stands in terms of Ignatian spirituality, academic excellence, love for country, global awareness, social outreach, reforming governance and politics, sustainable development, and reducing disaster risk. We at OSR want to be able to create value in helping all these amazing orgs see where they are in terms of nation building through helping them assess their strengths and weaknesses to be able to direct themselves in the succeeding years! Nation building does not happen overnight – it takes months or even years of concerted efforts to make the society we live in a better place in the ways we know best – and it will take concerted and focused efforts to make such this ideal country a reality. So why not start now, as org members?

Every step of the way we will be involved in discourse with all the different organizations, because nation building comes to us in different ways – whether through a personal, spiritual, or societal context with the heart of our core advocacies and core competencies. The biggest challenge right now is finding a common language we can all speak together when we talk about nation building, but we are confident we can be done together in that same spirit of a one COA alongside our org partners, OSA, and the administration, and each and every org member who believes that what he or she does is truly part of something bigger and grander!

The Nation Building Evaluation will show both a comparison between OSR studies and self-studies of each organization across this same definition of nation building – stay tuned for in-depth interviews with different organization leaders, org-wide surveys and more by the end of this year! More than that, however, is a deeper awareness and commitment to really be more as org members beyond ourselves – for others, for the nation, and for God.

If you’re interested to know more about this nation-building matrix, you may check the slideshow in this link.

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