Musmos Ateneo

Musmos Ateneo

Sector-Based Cluster

COORDINATOR: Arianne Bettina M. Morales



It all begins with a single dream. For our kids, it’s for them to realize that they have the right to nurture their individual passions and work towards them. For us, it’s the recognition from both our kids and the Ateneo community that poverty is not normal and to envision a society where the urban poor condition does not hinder their self-actualization.

With our partner communities in Katipunan and Cubao, Musmos Ateneo commissions itself to actualize the holistic development of children ages 7 to 14, as well as its volunteers, through values and skills formation.

Musmos invites you to step out of the box, and join us hand in hand, as we watch all of our dreams take flight. Driven by our hope to create a space where kids could just be kids and where their imagination can run free, we strive to foster a sense of solidarity between the kids and volunteers, that together, we can all achieve our aspirations.


Musmos as an organization of Ateneans for urban poor children, envisions these children and Ateneans, both working in solidarity, as formed agents of change in their communities’ leading to a society where the urban poor condition does not hinder their self-actualization.


Musmos commissions itself to actualize the holistic development of its members and children through values and skills formation.

Core Competencies:

  1.   Kids’ Formation
  2.   Leadership and Volunteer Formation

  1. Musmos focuses on a four-core value formation program for the kids: love for self, love for others, love for country and love for God.
  2. K-ahon, the skeleton program of Musmos has 3 meanings: kahon (box), Ka-ahon (co, partnership) and K-ahon (Kabataan, ahon! Youth, rise!)


  1. Values formation for Kids (See flagship project 1)
  2. Formation Seminars and Leadership trainings – we have formation activities for our volunteers in which we invite speakers to give inspirational talks, skills training seminars and reflection sessions.



Lakbay: Field Trip

Formation Activities


We invite doctors, teachers, firemen, and policemen so the kids could experience what it’s like to be in those jobs. There are also performances from both the volunteers and the kids.

Lakbay: Field Trip

We take the Junior Leaders, 12 to 14 year-olds, to different learning environments such as the zoo, museums, or the theatre. Last year, we went to Kidzania where they experienced different careers.

Formation Activities

This is to instill values in our volunteers, from knowing how to interact with the kids, to reflecting on the reasons why we joined the org and why we choose to serve.


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