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CLUSTER HEAD: Patricia Marie C. Sales


There’s no other set of organizations that can make you EXPERIENCE IDEAS like the Media and the Creative Arts Cluster.
Through the Ateneo Association for Communications Majors (ACOMM), Ateneo Musicians Pool (AMP), Collegiate Society of Advertising (CoSA), and Loyola Film Circle (LFC), members hone their talents and skills toward positive social change in communicating their love of ideas through well-known events and projects that are sure to catch interest throughout the school year.
Although diverse in media, music, advertising, and film, MCA finds commonality in generating and executing ideas with a degree of professionalism. Find whatever interests you in MCA!

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To provide venues that will help the members of the organizations discover their talents and hone their skills in their respective media. In doing so, the cluster aims to impart in them the value of social conscientiousness through the media and the creative arts.

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The cluster envisions a community advocating excellence in media and the creative arts while providing better venues for positive social change.


The MCA Show
A monthly web show featuring all the MCA organizations where there are awesome segments such as skits, talk shows, game shows, performances, and event plugs!

Privilege Card
The Privilege Card serves as MCA’s welcome gift to its members in the cluster. Members can enjoy the perks of sponsor discounts and freebies from selected establishments and restaurants all year long.

Services Brochure
The Services Brochure is a compilation of all the skills and talents that each organization has to offer to prospective clients that need help in realizing their ideas and bringing them to life.

Legacy Night
Legacy Night marks the culmination of the talents and skills of the organizations, where members come together to celebrate creativity and collaboration, and pass their legacy to the next MCA family.


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MVP-CSL 205, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City

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