Ateneo Management Engineering Association

Ateneo Management Engineering Association

Business Cluster

PRESIDENT: Jose Roberto B. Zaldivar


Since its establishment in 1968, Ateneo Management Engineering Association (MEA) has been home to the past and present Management Engineering majors. The organization aims to develop its members by providing academic assistance, leadership training, peer support, and avenues for project implementation. MEA’s brand as both a home and business organization is displayed in its vast array of projects offered to its members. Its activities aim to cultivate important business and managerial skills, as well as enable holistic growth among MEAns. MEA’s vision lies in forming competent and socially responsible business leaders of the future. Integral to the organization’s identity is MEA’s core competency of Strategic Decision Management which goes hand in hand with its core advocacy of Corporate Sustainability. United as an organization, MEA works toward inculcating the spirit of MEAmore in each of its members: the hunger for excellence, drive for improvement, and a bond that allows MEAns to achieve more together.


To form and develop competent and socially responsible business leaders and corporate managers of the future.


The Ateneo Management Engineering Association achieves this vision by advocating corporate sustainability and helping members develop their business and management core competencies through academic support, leadership training, and project implementation.

Core Competencies:

  1.   Strategic Decision Management
  2.   Corporate Sustainability

  1. Home to more than 800 members, MEA welcomes all Management Engineering majors both past and present. We believe in the saying, “once a MEAn, always a MEAn.”
  2. All organization efforts are guided by “The MEAmore Spirit”. Doubling as our battle cry, MEAmore is defined as “the hunger for excellence, drive for continuous improvement and a strong bond that unites us to achieve more together.”
  3. In previous years, MEA published SLATE, the only youth-oriented corporate sustainability magazine in the country. Access SLATE online this year along with MEA’s other publications and services as we launch our new and improved website!


  1. MEA Consulting Group (MCG) – MCG is the consultancy arm of MEA. They take in clients who need help in formulating strategies to solve their problems in different fields and use quantitative tools to provide solutions as necessary. Their clients range from other MEA projects, to other organizations, to entities outside of Ateneo.
  2. Powered By Print (PBP) – PBP is MEA’s year-round shirt printing service. This project caters to customers both inside and outside the Ateneo community aiming to give low-cost but high quality shirts. This project also offers products – like decals, tumblers, etc. – designed by creative and artistic MEAns during the Powered by Print Week.



MEA Consulting Group

MCG embodies MEA’s competency and advocacy through its consultancy work, taking on different engagements. MCG allows MEAns to experience the application of their majors in the real world.

Leadership Enhancement and Development Seminar (LEADS)

LEADS is a 3-day leadership training seminar that aims to bring out the leader inside every participant through modules on communication, strengths and weaknesses and more.

MEA Sustainability Initiative (MSI)

The MEA Sustainability Initiative helps communities start their own business. With our and our partner community’s skills and passions, we work together towards sustainable livelihood and businesses.


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