Ateneo Management of Applied Chemistry Association

Ateneo Management of Applied Chemistry Association

Business Cluster

PRESIDENT: Trisha Abbygale C. Paita


The Ateneo Management of Applied Chemistry Association (Ateneo MACA) is the home organization of BS MAC majors, but it is also open to anyone with the desire to innovate on ideas and products. What sets MACA apart from other organizations is its core competency: Innovative Consumer Product Development. Through the organization’s projects, members can generate innovative ideas and create products that are not only interesting and exciting, but are also socially relevant. Innovation entails impactful improvements, and whether it is by coming up with an incredible new ice cream flavor, or a novel idea to make a less harmful pesticide out of mangoes, it can be found in MACA. At its heart, MACA is an inclusive family where members can enjoy the company of other MACA members. By providing academic support and community building projects, the organization ensures that each member has an opportunity to be the best that they can be.


The Ateneo Management of Applied Chemistry Association is a business organization that aims to build a community of holistically excellent student entrepreneurs who effectively apply Chemistry to innovate as a response to the call of social responsibility.


Creating avenues for its members to embody good-spirited innovation through the practice of innovative consumer product development and sharing this same spirit throughout the community while maintaining its stature as a home organization.

Core Competencies:

  1. Innovative Consumer Product Development

  1. The Ateneo MACA, which was founded in 2008, is the youngest organization inside the COA Business Cluster.
  2. All of the Presidents of the Ateneo MACA are biologically male.
  3. The organization is known to celebrate food through activities like ice cream making, molecular gastronomy, and eating contests during Tambay weeks.


RecWeek2017Pictures_MACA_InnovatorsForOthersInnovators for Others

RecWeek2017Pictures_MACA_NewProductDevelopmentAcademyNew Product Development Academy


Innovation for Others

Answering the call to social responsibility, IFO uses ICPD to find solutions to everyday social and/or environmental issues.

New Product Development Academy

NPDA aids the ideation process through shared experiences of entrepreneurs and an idea screening workshop to ensure innovation in product development.


New to the org is Creo, the contents hub of MACA wherein infographics of different products and startups are published as well as MACA’s business channel for the sale of its own hand-crafted products.


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426 6001 local 5442
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MVP 320, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City
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