Loyola Mountaineers

Loyola Mountaineers

Health and Environment Cluster

PRESIDENT: Mark Joseph M. Comia

CONTACT DETAILS: mark.malabanan.comia@gmail.com

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” -John Muir

Founded in 1993 by a small group of friends, the Loyola Mountaineers has been answering that call for more than 20 years.

We commit ourselves to upholding and promoting responsible mountaineering, and advocating for environmental conservation, and the indigenous minority. We believe that we cannot separate our sport from our love of nature, and those whose way of life, culture, and identity is at stake.

We offer you two things: Weekends deprived of personal comfort in exchange for summits, sunrises, and starry nights, and the life-long friendship of people across all disciplines, personalities, and generations, from nature lover to radical eco-warrior. Join us in our 25th year and become a Loyola Mountaineer. Be a part of Batch 28.

See you at the peak!


We, the Loyola Mountaineers, envision a society of individuals that have a drive to nurture their skills, fully aware of the needs of the country and active participants in the challenge of nation building. We envision a society of individuals who are appreciative of nature and advocate its environmental preservation and rehabilitation, and who, in the spirit of willing service, are competent and responsible servants to their countrymen.


The Loyola Mountaineers shall form individuals who are aware of the present state of nature and mold them into agents who will appreciate, protect, preserve and conserve the environment through their own respective fields of interest.

Core Competencies:

  •   Responsible and competent mountaineering
  •   Care for the mountain environment
  •   Indigenous people community development

  1. In the last two years alone, LM members have climbed the top five highest mountains in the Philippines, along with the highest in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
  2. Every year, we run in hours the years that LM has been an organization. Last year was our 22nd anniversary so we ran 22 hours straight!
  3. We have an org room in MVP but we’d rather stay at the “LM pillar” which is the pillar outside the MVP basement!


  1. We can carry heavy equipment and supplies through places and terrains inaccessible by normal modes of transportation.
  2. We can act as a bridge for other organizations/entities to gain access to a community by by establishing or further strengthening our relationship with the community.
  3. We are familiar with setting up logistical concerns regarding transportation when planning a trip outside of NCR.
  4. We can teach basic mountaineering and survival skills, along with leave no trace principles.


Hitchhike: Open Climb

LM Week

Induction Climb

Hitchhike: Open Climb

A different kind of escape, Hitchhike is an opportunity for people to experience and enjoy the mountains. Worried about your first climb? We got you covered.

LM Week

A weeklong celebration involving sweat, a campus overnight, music, flour, rocks, prizes, and good times.

Induction Climb

The culmination of the application process. The last hurdle in becoming a member of the Loyola Mountaineers. Spend 3 days on the mountain in this 5-day activity with fellow undergrad and alumni.



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