Loyola Film Circle

Loyola Film Circle

Media and the Creative Arts Cluster

PRESIDENT: Diana Faye D. Mendoza

CONTACT DETAILS: diana.mendoza@obf.ateneo.edu

WEBSITE: emil.hofilena@gmail.com

The Loyola Film Circle, otherwise known as LFC, is the premier film organization of the Ateneo. We envision to establish and strengthen a film culture that upholds the art and aesthetics of cinema, and promote it as a medium for social discourse and involvement.
Here in LFC, we aim to further develop a collaborative film community in the Ateneo de Manila University by providing platforms for our members to hone and develop their skills in our core competencies of Film Production, Film Appreciation, and Film Critique.
Through our projects and committees, we aim to provide our members with opportunities to work hand in hand with one another, facilitate proper discourse regarding film, educate our members by means of exposing them to the filmmaking process, and overall, deepen their knowledge and love of film!


We, the Loyola Film Circle, envision to establish and strengthen a film culture that upholds the art and aesthetics of cinema and promotes it as a medium for social discourse and involvement.


We, the Loyola Film Circle, strive to advocate in the Ateneo artistic excellence and social discourse through film. As such, we strive to improve our members’ interaction with film in its three facets — appreciation, production, and critique — while providing them with the opportunity to pursue and hone their particular competencies. With these, we intend to produce members aimed at contributing to the local film community, aiding in the formation of the nation, our culture, and identity.


  • Film Appreciation
  • Film Critique
  • Film Production

  1. LFC is in charge of producing the O-Film for the annual freshmen Orientation Seminar. Bona fide LFC members at the end of each school year also get the chance to help out in putting together the O-Film for the following OrSem.
  2. The LFC org room (MVP 308) has its own TV and collection of CDs, DVDs, and files ranging from local to foreign, animated to live-action, professional to student-made. Members are highly encouraged to spend time watching movies at the org room regularly with the rest of the org.
  3. Many of LFC’s alumni and alumnae have gone on to various film-related careers at production houses, advertising agencies, and film archives, among others. Short films and feature-length movies created by LFC members have also gotten screened at festivals such as Cinemalaya and Cannes.


  1. Film Production – LFC’s film production services consist of scriptwriting, storyboarding, shooting, video editing, sound editing, graphics, animation, kinetic typography, and more. We cater to clients who want story-based videos for promotions, documentations, and short films. We may offer our services in packages and implement discounts to Atenean organizations.
  2. Video Production – LFC’s video production services are similar to our film production services, but they cater more to videography needs, such as video documentation, campaign materials, promotional materials, audio-visual presentations, public service announcements, and other forms of non-story-based videos.



Film Literacy Classes

Under the Stars


IsaPelikula is a series of film production classes taught by local filmmakers, professors, and fellow Ateneans. Members learn the different aspects of film, and have a chance to shoot their own films.

Film Literacy Classes

Film Literacy Classes aim to increase members’ critical views on different films. Taught by eager Atenean professors, one will grow new insight and ignite a passion for film in a different medium.

Under the Stars

Under the Stars is an open-to-all outdoor event held in Ateneo on a February night, with a film screening and variety show for friends, lovers, and everything in between.


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