As the information center of COA, the Organization Strategies and Research Department conducts studies, surveys, and researches that help make a conducive environment for orgs to grow and develop.

The department also serves as the main consultant with regards to the data management and performance evaluation systems of the orgs, and provides feasible recommendations as well as performance metrics to cluster and org projects.

Lastly, the department coordinates the lobbying efforts made by the council, from the studies it conducts.



The time again approaches for Ateneans to get rec-ed. For one week, students get to apply to as many of the 53 accredited organizations this school offers. Recweek 2016 is happening on August 22-26, and as always, buzz over which orgs rock and which events they will role begin to permeate the air. On the other side of the trade, organizations are already strategizing on how to catch the attention of the curiousthrong. Roving human banners, euphoric barkers, and curious stints will surely render Recweek a circus. ( read more )


The Nation Building Evaluation study is the benchmark initiative of the Organization Strategies and Research (OSR) Executive Team of COA this year. It is a study that takes a look at each of the unique organizations that make up COA and see how their efforts measure up to the dreams of the Ateneo to foster what one can call “nation building” – ideas and actions geared towards better social attitude and social impact – to truly live out the call to be men-and-women-for-others as organizations and as one COA. ( read more )

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