Finance & Marketing

Department of Finance & Marketing
Finance Officer: Carmen Therese J. Serra

The Finance and Marketing Department caters to council wide endeavors such as Recruitment Week, COA Awards and the different Cluster Projects by allocating provisions given by the Office of Student Activities and creating dialogue with companies and organizations for additional provisions. The Finance and Marketing Department also caters to different needs of all the accredited COA organizations and act as a consultative body with regard to Finance and in some areas of Marketing in collaboration with the organizations within the Council.

Departmental Projects

COA Project Subsidy

The COA Project Subsidy is the flagship project of the Finance and Marketing Department, which provides financial support to selected projects proposed by the accredited organizations through rigorous and thorough screening and evaluation processes.

COA Externalization

This year, the Finance and Marketing Department will also aim to contact and forge beneficial relations with external entities. These include, but are not limited to, government organizations, corporations and student groups. The goal is to create more opportunities for partnerships that will help organizations pursue greater heights while building communities of shared purpose…

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