Ateneo EDGE

Ateneo EDGE: Education Geared towards Empowerment

Sector-Based Cluster

PRESIDENT: Mark Luke V. Piñon



Ateneo Education Geared towards Empowerment (EDGE), formerly known as Ateneo Kaingin, has been teaching for 35 years with the belief that education is key towards achieving social equality, starting with the kids. Beyond academic excellence, Ateneo EDGE aims to instill a love for learning that will inspire them to become fellow advocates of the importance of education as they grow up.

We aspire to cultivate this positive attitude towards education by crafting alternative learning modules that will give the children a different kind of learning experience. Through the various projects that the organization implements, we hope to empower and expose our kids’ minds to the different possibilities that are open to them. As Ateneo EDGE continuously explores different avenues to serve its sector, we also strive to serve our members by molding them into future leaders who will carry out our advocacy.

This is Ateneo EDGE, join us as we live on the edge and help give the youth an edge.


In uplifting the quality of education, Ateneo EDGE envisions a society with improved quality of life characterized by better socioeconomic opportunities, higher morals and values, and greater self-worth.


The organization strives to pursue and support an environment of higher educational standards in our partner communities and enlighten and empower the LS community to advocate for education.

Core Competencies:

  1.   Effective Classroom Management
  2.   Formulation of Age-appropriate Lesson Plans
  3.   Awareness Promotion on the Situation of Our Areas

  1. In 1982, the organization was founded by an EnLit Block who taught Catechism in Kaingin Dos – the place where the original name of the organization, Ateneo Kaingin, came from.
  2. This school year 2015-2016 marks the transformation of Ateneo Kaingin to Ateneo EDGE.
  3. For our Buddy System, we call the mentors “Blazes” and the mentees “Sparks.” This is to represent how the mentors already have the burning passion for the organization and are ready to blaze a trail for those who have the spark yet are still learning to commit themselves to the organization.
  4. K-ahon, the skeleton program of Musmos has 3 meanings: kahon (box), Ka-ahon (co, partnership) and K-ahon (Kabataan, ahon! Youth, rise!)


  1. The organization conducts weekly Area Insertions to our two communities: Marikina Heights and Balara High School. Supplementary English tutorials and a feeding program are offered to the students included in the program.
  2. A Skills Training Workshop is given to our members interested in teaching the kids from Marikina Heights and Balara High School. This Workshop equips them of necessary skills needed to handle the children and teach them effectively during our actual Area Insertions.
  3. Ateneo EDGE offers its first-ever Advocacy Talk Series this school year 2015-2016. These talks will tackle issues on the educational system in the Philippines. With the help of speakers from different areas such as the Department of Education, Teach for the Philippines and NGOs that advocate for education, a much needed discussion will be held.


Educational Field Trip

Blind Date Library

Kapihan Sessions

Educational Field Trip

The Educational Field Trip is a flagship project that aims to promote a positive attitude towards learning by exposing them to alternative learning experiences outside the classroom.

Blind Date Library

In this fundraiser, you get experience the thrill of a blind date, this time with books! Literally don’t judge a book by its cover by taking a mystery book out in this unique library.

Kapihan Sessions

Kapihan Sessions provide its members an avenue for dynamic discourse on topics regarding its advocacy.



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