Development Society of the Ateneo

Development Society of the Ateneo

Analysis & Discourse Cluster

PRESIDENT: Anne Marie T. Rey



Are you a forward-thinker interested in bridging the gap between your vision and the reality? Aside from being the home organization of Development Studies majors, the Development Society of the Ateneo is also open to development-minded individuals with a desire to ignite meaningful change in Philippine society. Through its projects, DevSoc Ateneo aims to immerse its members in development discourse and bring deeper insight on the interdisciplinarity in solution-seeking for the world’s multidimensional challenges.

This year, the organization aims to tap into the growing public interest in development by continuing to establish solid partnerships with development-oriented institutions and incubating efforts to address pressing issues in the local, national, and global settings.

DevSoc Ateneo presents concrete programs and opportunities for students to become active players in the ongoing process of changing the world for the better.


We envision an organization of development innovators, leading the Ateneo community towards the proactive pursuit of sustainably uplifting the lives of the marginalized, through social involvement and the amelioration of poverty, in accordance with the Atenean value of being persons for others.


It is our mission to hone the passions of our members, equipping them with skills through academic assistance, career and networking opportunities and exposure to social realities and development innovations, enabling them to be with the Ateneo community in becoming life-long agents of change.

Core Competencies:

  1.   Development Involvement
  2.   Consultancy and collaboration

  1. Two years ago, in partnership with Asian Institute of Management, we conducted a survey in a correctional facility for Muslim women.
  2. The organization loves having exposure trips! Locations include various Social Entrepreneurship groups, such as curiosity design research.
  3. Ivory Ong, a previous DevSoc president, is part of the team that heads Open Data Initiative.


  1. Development Consultancy – For organizations with socially- and/or development-oriented initiatives, our organization is open for consultancy. We can assist you regarding socially- or development-related information for your infographics or newsletters as well as guide you in communicating and creating projects in/with communities or development-oriented institutions. We are also open to incubating efforts with your organization.


RecWeek17Pictures_DevSoc_CareerFairAndTalksDevelopment Career and Internship Fair and Talks



Development Career and Internship Fair and Talks

The career and internship fair introduces diverse actors in the development sector to the Ateneo community – such as government offices, civil society organizations, and the business sector.


The DevCamp program is a series of projects, namely field trips, round-table discussions, and quiz nights, to elevate the member’s discourse on development as a field, study, and sector.


LeaDSem is a training seminar that aims to provide the organization’s members with a holistic take on leadership and capacity-building – training them to become better development-minded individuals.



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