Human Resources

Department of Human Resources
Chief-of-Staff: Mariel Antoinette L. Perez

Aliena Miranda

The Human Resources Department is at the forefront of achieving the council’s vision of community-building. It focuses on the formation and performance management of the COA Central Board, the Council of Representatives and the Executive Teams. Composed of Performance Application Specialists and Internal Relations Officers, the department monitors and ensures the well-being of the council’s greatest asset — its people.

This year, the department sets its foot towards the development of excellent leaders through structured trainings and formation seminars that will challenge them to go beyond their comfort zones and adequately prepare them to take on the responsibilities attached to their respective roles. It also aims to strengthen professional and personal relationships within the council and to foster an environment of collaboration among the accredited organizations.

Department Initiatives

General Assemblies

More than a professional get-together, General Assemblies are also made to strengthen the community among the COR and their EB officers through fun activities, yummy food, and engaging hosts.

Sem Starter Party

The COA Sem Starter Party serves as a welcoming party for the CB, COR, and ExTeams after Christmas vacation to begin the new year and the new sem with high hopes and high spirits. It is a night of showcasing talents, lighthearted games, quirky awards, strengthening relationships, and sharing good food within the COA community.


As part of the thrust to shape the council as a family of passionate individuals, the HR department will spearhead efforts to reconnect with past COA leaders who will serve as a reliable support system for current and future officers.

Holiday Efforts

The HR department always finds ways to take advantage of holidays and occasions to help strengthen the community in COA. Efforts include TriCOArTreat for Halloween with org room design and costume contests, and Secret Santa during Christmas.