Computer Society of the Ateneo

Computer Society of the Ateneo

Science and Technology Cluster

PRESIDENT: Antonio G. Callanta III



The Computer Society of the Ateneo, or CompSAt, is recognized as the premier Information Technology (IT) organization of the Ateneo. We work towards creating avenues to learn IT, promoting the use of IT through our services, and sharing our advocacy with others to promote IT awareness. We offer basic Computer Science tutorials for freshmen and hold series of development tutorials of different platforms that are open to all Ateneans. We also hold events such as talks and competitions to show the different applications of IT. We also partner up with Alay Ni Ignacio, NSTP, and JEEP to spread IT outside of Ateneo.

CompSAt also focuses on fostering a sense of community and aims to help hone the members’ interpersonal skills through clustering and various team building activities. It is through these, that we develop the organization’s membership formation because in CompSAt, we want our members to feel like part of the family.

CompSAt welcomes anyone interested in IT. Through building a strong community with a common passion for learning, using, and sharing IT, we believe that we can make the world a better place!


The Computer Society of the Ateneo envisions itself as a community of Ateneans driven to improve the quality of lives through a common passion for Information Technology (IT).


CompSAt seeks to learn IT through seminars and trainings; to use IT by rendering services to individuals and organizations inside and outside of the Ateneo community; and to share IT through tutorials and outreach programs while promoting camaraderie and teamwork through interaction and exchange of ideas.

Core Competencies:

  • Information Technology (IT) Proficiency
  • Information Technology (IT) Awareness Propagation
  • Information Technology (IT) Services

  1. CompSAt is a member of the Philippine Computing Organizations Alliance
  2. CompSAt is one of the very few home organizations that are open to everyone in the Ateneo community.
  3. Doctor John Paul Vergara was once a moderator of CompSAt.


  1. Gearbox – Gearbox is an archiving platform for online resources such as sample long tests, reviewers, notes, programming tutorials, etc.
  2. Development Services -The organization develops websites and applications for different organizations inside and outside of the Ateneo.
  3. Academic and Development Tutorials -CompSAt offers tutorials for subjects like CS21A and CS21B to aid students in their major tests. The organization also has ITM Tutorials to help those who wish to get exempted from the ITM summer course.


Blue Hacks

Dev Team

IT Conference

Blue Hacks

Blue Hacks is a two-day event that gathers a large number of college students to engage in collaborative application development in a competitive atmosphere.

Dev Team

The Development Team (Dev Team) consists of both experienced and aspiring iOS, Android and web developers who gather to hone their skills in designing and building quality software.

IT Conference

The IT Conference is a whole-day event that demonstrates the role of information technology in nation-building through workshops, plenary sessions and friendly competition.


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