Ateneo Celadon

Ateneo Celadon

Intercultural Relations Cluster

PRESIDENT: Katreena Dachelle C. Chang




Ateneo Celadon is the official Chinese-Filipino organization of the university and an affiliate of the Alliance of Filipino-Chinese Students (AFiCS). It envisions the Chinese-Filipino community integrated into the greater Philippine society. It has culture sharing projects and initiatives to instill a sense of nationhood—the oneness that is present in a family.

Celadon offers more than what you might typically think are the limits of culture like siomai, calligraphy, or dice games. Culture encompasses everything as it is a way of living and relating to one another.

If you feel you’re not “Chinese” enough, don’t worry. With the organization’s diverse departments, we continually strive to develop our members to be equipped with various skills. We push them to go out of their comfort zones to become passionate and competent leaders who can embody cultural traditions and values relevant in today’s context.

Come, join this growing family and find a home—even if it’s not a home org.


Celadon envisions a Chinese-Filipino community that is integrated into the greater Philippine society by sharing and enriching the Chinese- Filipino culture.


Celadon strives to develop members and equip them with different skills that will help promote the understanding of the Chinese-Filipino culture. This shall be done through the execution of various culturally-rooted efforts and initiation of better communication to both members and the outside community.

Core Competencies:

  1.   Exposure of Modern Chinese-Filipino culture
  2.   Formation of Modern Chinese-Filipino Identity

  1. Ateneo Celadon is celebrating its 30th birthday this year.
  2. The logo of Ateneo Celadon is called the Dreagle, a combination of a dragon and an eagle.
  3. Ateneo Celadon is a founding member of the Alliance of Filipino-Chinese Students (AFICS).


  1. Chinese Language Tutorials – Ateneo Celadon is capable of providing Chinese language tutorials for those in need.
  2. Marketing Support – Due to Celadon’s reputable marketing background, we are open to helping other orgs in terms of marketing technique and strategy.


RecWeek17Pictures_Celadon_Celadon REACH

Celadon REACH

RecWeek17Pictures_Celadon_Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival

RecWeek17Pictures_Celadon_Junior Manager Program

Junior Manager Program

Celadon REACH

REACH is Celadon’s own branch of outreach activities, which aim to promote socio-civic awareness & nation building. Through this project, members get a chance to experience social growth and awareness with the community through culture sharing experiences.

Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival invites everyone to take part in the annual celebration of one of the most celebrated holidays of Chinese-Filipinos through traditional dice games & other fun activities!

Junior Manager Program

The Junior Manager Program molds aspiring Celadoneans into formidable and capable leaders by immersing them in the org’s seven departments and their respective systems. Participants will be able to experience fun and informative modules which will help guide them through the learning process.


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