Company of Ateneo Dancers

Company of Ateneo Dancers

Performing Arts Cluster

PRESIDENT: Luis Gabriel P. Suarez



The Company of Ateneo Dancers is the premier dance and production management organization of the Ateneo de Manila University.
CADs celebrates 23 years of excellence in the performing arts. We are composed of performers and production staff members who are united by an interest and passion for dance. Blessed with the art of movement and the skills for its production, the Company is dedicated to the One Great Choreographer. We aim to innovate and inspire so that we may cultivate the culture of dance not only for the members of the organization but for the Ateneo and Philippine communities as well.
We may be diverse in our crafts, skills and styles, but as one body with one purpose, we groove to the glory of one God.


A company composed of artistic individuals who are committed to serve and inspire others through the pursuit of excellence in dance and production management within and beyond the Ateneo community.


To constantly pursue international competence, profound and professional relationships, and the purposeful production of dance.

Core Competencies:

  1.   Excellence in Dance
  2.   Excellence in Production Management

  1. We try to produce the most creative pieces in our Year End Concerts and last year, we created a supernatural horror piece that starred a dark ghost, a possessed mom, dancing twin dolls and a scared little girl.
  2. While the spotlight shines on our dancers most of the time, the most awaited performance of our concerts is when our Production Staff takes the stage during their own Prod Dance.
  3. CADs is home to artists of many talents. Some of our members are ‘strazzers’ who can dance both street and jazz styles; and we also have ‘prodformers’ who can both perform and help with production work.


  1. Dance Performance or Instruction – The CADs Performing Pool is comprised of the Jazz and Street Divisions. Though a lot of time is spent on dance training inside the studio, the joy of dancing is never complete if it is not shared. CADs accepts offers where we can perform or teach the art to others.
  2. Production Management or Workshop – CADs Production Staff provides production management services primarily for the activities and events of the organization, but are also made available to external parties as well. These services are provided by the five committees, namely: Backstage, Creatives, Documentations, Front of House, and Technical Crew.



CADs Cares

Year End Concert


RiB is a themed hiphop dance competition hosted by CADs and open to all Ateneo organizations. It is the first major production of the organization for the school year. This project will also serve as a venue to showcase the members of CADs.

CADs Cares

CADs partners with a community and seeks to create positive long-lasting effects. The organization aims to help their communities in the best way that they can—through the beautiful art of dance.

Year End Concert

This is the second major production of the school year. This event hopes to culminate the year and capture the creativity, talent and passion of each of the members into one single production.


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