Ateneo Blue Symphony Orchestra

Ateneo Blue Symphony Orchestra

Performing Arts Cluster

PRESIDENT: Caleb G. Catalan



Since its establishment in year 2008 and its accreditation in 2012, the Ateneo Blue Symphony has steadily grown from its humble beginnings into the first pioneering student –led orchestra of the university, and has constantly provided an avenue for its members to pursue their passion and talent through orchestra music performance and production. From mere 20 members to start with, the organization has expanded in size and developed internally throughout the years with the assistance of our musical director and the principal violist of the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra, Rodel Noreli E. Lorenzo. The Ateneo Blue symphony is now executing full-length concerts, featuring talents from within and outside of the organization. Blue Symphony endeavors to develop the musicality of each member, to uphold the cultural heritage of the Filipino through performance, and to fully realize the potential of each individual for both performer and production members, by challenging them to become more than who they are.


Ateneo Blue Symphony, the pioneering student-led orchestra of the Loyola Schools, envisions itself as a community for Filipino artistry – an organization that focuses on the holistic development of its members, deeply rooted in the Ignatian values of excellence, leadership, and service through performance.


The Ateneo Blue Symphony endeavors to cultivate an Atenean Community that is musically diverse and culturally rooted. With the holistic development of its members in the aspects of musical performance and production, we will create efforts that are geared towards broadening, preserving, and appreciating orchestra music culture.

Core Competencies:

  1.   Orchestral Music Performance and Production
  2.   Musician Development

  1. Ateneo Blue Symphony is the first and only org that was accredited by the COA after only one year of application.
  2. When it was starting out, Ateneo Blue Symphony used to hold auditions in school waiting sheds.
  3. Members of the Ateneo Blue Symphony are not only musically gifted but are also batak. Members help each other carry equipment (drums, keyboard, amp, music stands, etc.) up and down MVP to venues as far as ISO.


  1. Musical Performances– Ateneo Blue Symphony also offers performances to various events within, and outside the university. Ateneo Blue Symphony has a set list of musical performances that range from classical music to pop music.


Year-End Concerts

Composers and Arrangers Pool Workshops


Year-End Concerts

Efforts of all the members come into fruition in the year-end concert. Blue Symph’s year-end concert is a full-scale production featuring soloists and performing pool members.

Composers and Arrangers Pool Workshops

A series of lectures, activities, and instrument demos aimed to teach the basics of music theory, arranging, and orchestration. Graduates of the courses have the chance to be featured in the concert!


A week-long fundraiser where members get to spread the holiday cheer to different households by spending an evening playing festive songs for them.



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