Ateneo Statistics Circle

Ateneo Statistics Circle

Analysis & Discourse Cluster

PRESIDENT: Manuel Guillermo R. Hirang


The Ateneo Statistics Circle is the premier research organization of the Ateneo. We utilize statistical tools and methods in our pursuit of raising a community that is critically informed of social issues. In facing these issues, we aspire to spark discourse that eventually leads them to initiate action geared towards nation-building. We aim to properly equip our stakeholders with statistical knowledge to aid them in their decision-making process.

We expose our members to the diverse use of Statistics. Our Research and Consultancy conducts studies within and outside the academe. We also have projects for both members and non-members—statistical training and tutorials, competitions, fundraisers, and more. However, If you think you are not an expert in statistics, that’s perfectly fine! Our pursuit does not start and end with it.

If you are interested in what we do, or if you see statistics beyond the data crunching, this is the place to be! We guarantee your 100% STATisfaction.


We, the Ateneo Statistics Circle, envision forming a community that is highly aware of social issues and, through the competent use of statistical tools and methods, become critically informed enough to initiate action.


We, the Ateneo Statistics Circle, strive to build a community of critical decision-makers through highly competent researchers and analysts. As such, we aim to form analytical and resourceful members, equipped with a wide array of statistical knowledge. With this, we endeavor to promote and develop statistical application in the Ateneo community’s decision-making. In effect, we develop a group of individuals with an open mindset and a proactive disposition towards nation building.

Core Competencies:

  1.   Statistical Training
  2.   Statistical Research and Analysis

  1. A-Stat’s mascot, SirVey, has a mighty steed named Sir Vant, and a faithful squire named Sir Vice.
  2. A-Stat was awarded Rookie of the Year when it was accredited in 2008.
  3. The three arcs in A-Stat’s logo represents our stakeholders: our members, the Ateneo community, and the society.


  1. Client-Based Research Studies – The Research and Consultancy Department of A-Stat can procure statistical data through surveys and focus group discussions for organizations, offices, and businesses in and out of the Ateneo who are in need of evidence-based results for strategic decision-making.
  2. Statistics Tutorials – The tutorials aim to reinforce what students learn in their Statistic classes. Through this, they will have a deeper understanding of the subject, allowing them to apply it in various fields and situations in life.
  3. Self-Initiated Studies – The organization aims to provide an analysis to the current problems of the community and the nation. The results from these studies can be accessed by anyone and these aim to raise awareness among our stakeholders and guide discourse and decision-making.


RecWeek17Pictures_A-Stat_StatisticsCampStatistics Camp

RecWeek17Pictures_A-Stat_StatisticsTutorialsStatistics Tutorials

RecWeek17Pictures_A-Stat_TASCForceTASC Force

TASC Force

A year-long effort where our trained researchers conduct studies to aid our stakeholders in their discussions and actions.

Statistics Camp (Battlefield Beta)

Ateneo Statistics Camp is a statistics convention and seminar for high school students. It aims to raise statistical awareness beyond the classroom setting.

Statistics Tutorials

The Statistics Tutorial aims to help students taking statistics classes prepare themselves for their LTs by providing them with a mock LT as well as a tutors that will discuss statistical concepts.



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