Analysis and Discourse Cluster

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CLUSTER HEAD: Anna Karina T. Guarin


Officer-in-Charge: Aliena Mari Miranda

The analysis and Discourse cluster is a community of 8 student organizations with diverse core competencies such as debate, economics, international relations and leadership, statistics development, non-traditional theater, and politics, that share a united vision of engaging individuals in critical analysis and informed discourse that create positive social impact geared towards nation-building.

Believing in the power of discourse to create positive impact, ADC forwards the tagline #ThinkTalkTackle. First, “Think” involves finding issues that are relevant to the community, “Talk” forwards these issues and the information behind them through discourse and “Tackle” encourages the community to create positive impact.

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WE aim to develop individuals to be socially aware and informed to forward positive impact through our distinct approaches and collaborative efforts in analysis and discourse.

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The Analysis and Discourse Cluster of Ateneo envisions itself as a community of student organizations that forms critical and discursive individuals who would initiate positive social impact geared towards nation-building.


ADC EB Mixer FormSem – #COAmmunity building at its fines, the event invites the Executive Board Officers of each organization under ADC to have a day of fun and learning in hopes that they can get to create lasting bonds and hone their skills in leadership and project execution.

ADC Week- This week celebrates the ADC organizations by highliting each one’s core competenceis through different events to show how excellent the oragnizations are in what they do.

Kapihan Sessions- What do we do when we need to discuss important issues? We talk about it over coffee of course. With each organizations’ strengths in mind, these sessions engage the Ateneo community to tackle the most important issues to date all for the purpose of Nation Building.



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MVP 205, Ateneo De Manila University, Quezon City
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