Ateneo Mathematics Society

Ateneo Mathematics Society

Science and Technology Cluster

PRESIDENT: Highryll CJ E. Tan



“The Ateneo Mathematics Society (AMS) is not your typical geeky, number-crunching math organization.

We are not just all about integers,
computations, and analysis. We do not just solve for the missing terms and
variables. Our existence goes beyond the four corners of the classroom.

We are all that and more.

We make math majors and math enthusiasts feel at home through fun member-bonding activities. We use contests and seminars to promote math education and excellence. We use math as a tool for social progress and for solving not just equations but also real life situations.

AMS aims to serve the community
by promoting education and instilling to the hearts &
minds of people the importance and applications of math in their
everyday lives. Since its conception, AMS has embraced this philosophy, which
could explain why in 55 years, AMS has evolved from a group of less than 10
into a circle of over 250 students.

In AMS, we make a difference.
In AMS, we make everybody count.”


The Ateneo Mathematics Society envisions itself as a community of math enthusiasts, holistically formed to be men and women for and with others, that uses Math as a tool/instrument in building a culture of excellence and service in the Ateneo and in the greater society.


Build a community of math enthusiasts, by establishing relationships among members of the organization, the Ateneo community and the greater society; b Become socially involved in addressing the needs and concerns of the community formed; c Achieve math excellence by: i facilitating the sharing of mathematical ideas among math enthusiasts, ii introducing to and enriching mathematical ideas and concepts of persons who iii striving to advance mathematical proficiency of persons within the are not mathematically inclined in such a way that they will appreciate and see Mathematics as both useful and fun and, organization and with other groups of similar nature both on and off campus.

Core Competencies:

  •   Math Excellence
  •   Math Education

  1. AMS has already been in existence for 53 years. Each year, the projects of AMS are able to create an impact to at least 2500 individuals
  2. Some professors and well-known personalities in the Loyola Schools are previous presidents of AMS, such as Sir JG Advincula (OSA Formator), Dr. Jumela Sarmiento (OAA Director), Mr. Winfer Tabares, Dr. Reginaldo Marcelo, and Dr. Christian Chan Shio.
  3. AMS was awarded as the Organization of the Year by COA last school year.


  1. AMS Tutorial Services: It aims to provide an easy-access and excellent tutorial service to the Loyola Schools community in order to aid students who may need assistance to understand their lessons betters, helping them improve their academic standing in math subjects.


Mathsaya/Camp Math

AMS Weeks


Mathsaya/Camp Math

Camp Math & Mathsaya are three-Saturday events for high school students, which aims to foster the participants’ interest and knowledge in math through various talks, games, & team-building activities.

AMS Weeks

AMS Weeks are week-long events held each semester which aim to bond its members together through fun and interactive activities such as the Sportsfest, Tambay Weeks, and the Halloween Party.


Sipnayan is an annual math competition that invites gifted students from grade school to senior high school of various schools to engage in a challenging competition in the field of mathematics.



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