Ateneo Junior Marketing Association

Ateneo Junior Marketing Association

Business Cluster

PRESIDENT: Emmanuel Francisco S. Landicho


The Ateneo Junior Marketing Association is the Ateneo de Manila University’s premiere Marketing organization. AJMA is known for its groundbreaking events and initiatives that make an impact not only within the four walls of the Ateneo, but definitely beyond it. Through its members, who are well equipped with skills learned through marketing education and practice, AJMA continues to provide the biggest and most anticipated projects and events held inside and outside the Ateneo. Furthermore, the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association recognizes its role as a student organization bringing into focus the principles of marketing, integrating what we have learned to better serve the community. AJMA has also secured its place in the college scene as one of Metro Manila’s top Marketing organizations. Some of AJMA’s accomplishments include: having been recognized by the Philippine Marketing Association as one of the Three Outstanding Student Marketing Association of the Philippines (TOSMA), besting 60 other schools for 3 consecutive years, being the first and only business organization in the Ateneo to be included in the Dean’s Awards for Service and Excellence (VP’s Awards), and winning the Best Student Marketing Association in the Philippines for five years in a row from the Agora Youth Awards.


The vision of the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association is to develop dynamic, innovative and well-rounded leaders in business, trained in marketing education and marketing practice, who will be movers and shakers in the Philippine society.


Through all the events and initiatives of the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association, we shall: promote the significance of marketing as a field in our growing economy to the Ateneo community, inculcate a wider concept of marketing application in the lives of students, impart social development of our nation in congruence to business orientation and goals, and enhance effective communication, interaction, and cooperation among the students, the faculty, the alumni, and the public.

Core Competencies:

  1.   Marketing Education
  2.   Marketing Practice

  1. AJMA holds the record-breaking number of over 1,500 applicants during Recweek.
  2. AJMA was founded by Josiah Go, one of the most respected marketing gurus in the country and also the father of Tricia Gosingtian, a famous Filipino blogger.
  3. AJMA is the first organization to host and bring the global brand, TED, into a Philippine university – TEDxADMU is the biggest TED event in the Philippines.


  1. Marketing Helpdesk – The Marketing Helpdesk is a free-of-charge initiative by the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association wherein participants can learn the basics of marketing and corporate relations for their respective needs. The seminar includes workshops on marketing packages, communication and agreements, branding, and the like.


RecWeek17Pictures_AJMA_AIMSAteneo Intercollegiate Marketing Seminar


RecWeek17Pictures_AJMA_MarketingCampMarketing Camp

Ateneo Intercollegiate Marketing Seminar

The Ateneo Intercollegiate Marketing Seminar, a prestigious and equally
rigorous marketing competition, cultivates marketing education and practice among the top 50
student marketers in the country.


TEDxADMU, the largest TED event in the Philippines, is devoted to “Ideas worth spreading” as it discusses globally relevant ideas regarding contexts and cultures.

Marketing Camp

Marketing Camp is a two-day seminar that seeks to make marketing more relevant to a younger audience. Through this, the youth is empowered to explore and develop the organization’s core competencies.


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