AIESEC Ateneo de Manila

AIESEC Ateneo de Manila

Business Cluster

PRESIDENT: Dustin Paolo S. Abad


AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization, present in over 124 countries with more than 70,000 members worldwide.
AIESEC equips its members with the edge of a global network, bona fide work experience, and professional leadership opportunities. Unlike any other organization, AIESEC operates around the development of leadership through exchange. Our essence lies in the belief that by giving a person the chance to see the world, they can start to understand it; and when they understand it, then they can start to change it. Through its team member, team leader, and exchange programs, AIESEC promotes effective management, social awareness, and action-oriented leadership. Beyond its established platform, however, AIESEC is defined by its members. AIESECers are fueled with passion, driven by ambition, and grounded in a common vision to do more and be more.
           AIESEC AdMU is a university-level branch of AIESEC and a top performing local committee in the Philippines. The Local Committee celebrated its 45th year in the Ateneo last November 2014.


As a global youth organization, AIESEC envisions peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. We believe every young person deserves the opportunities and tools to fulfil their potential.


Our international platform enables young people to discover and develop their potential to provide leadership for a positive impact on society. AIESEC provides its members with an integrated development experience comprised of leadership opportunities, international internships, and participation in a global learning environment.

Core Competencies:

  1.   Activating Leadership
  2.   Providing Exchange Experiences

  1. AIESEC International was established in 1948, after the Second World War, to promote world peace through intercollegiate exchange. The organization is present in 124 countries and over 2200 universities worldwide.
  2. Other AIESEC Local Committees in the Philippines include UP Diliman, DLSU, UST, UA&P, Miriam College, and regional entities, Davao and Cebu. AIESEC AdMU’s reach includes its expansion entities, San Beda College and FEU, to whom we provide functional and administrative coaching. All entities periodically come together in national conferences to celebrate leadership and operational excellence.
  3. AIESEC has been in the Ateneo for 45 years, having celebrated its anniversary last November 2014.


  1. Incoming Exchange – As an entity in an international exchange network, AIESEC AdMU serves as a host Local Committee to incoming Exchange Participants who participate in social and professionally-oriented internships in the Philippines by creating opportunities through our projects and partner organizations.
  2. Outgoing Exchange – AIESEC makes its Global Citizen and Global Talent programmes available to members of the Ateneo community through outgoing exchange, which enables participants to develop themselves in international locales and corporate settings.


RecWeek17Pictures_AIESEC AdMU_Incoming Global VolunteerIncoming Global Volunteer

RecWeek17Pictures_AIESEC AdMU_Outgoing Exchange and Global Opportunities ExpoGlobal Opportunities Expo

RecWeek17Pictures_AIESEC AdMU_Youth Leadership WeekYouth Leadership Week

Incoming Global Volunteer

At the very core of AIESEC’s operations is our Incoming Global Volunteer program. We make use of our global connections to source volunteers from all around the world in order to make an impact in our different local projects. These international volunteers work with community development programs with our vast network of partner NGOs, startups, and corporate partners.

Global Opportunities Expo

Outgoing Exchange is AIESEC AdMU’s platform to provide volunteer and internship opportunities abroad to Ateneans. Through our network of 127 countries, we deliver diverse, multicultural, and challenging experiences to develop and hone the Filipino personally and professionally.

Global Opporutnities Expo is an annual event which showcases all three of AIESEC’s Outgoing Exchange Programmes for: Global Volunteer, Global Talent, and Global Entrepreneur. Global Volunteer is geared towards community development through international NGOs. Global Talent is a paid, long term internship to multinational companies, while Global Entrepreneur is a short term, unpaid internship in start ups abroad.

Youth Leadership Week

Youth Leadership Week highlights how AIESEC aims to foster leadership development within our local context. This week long event is comprised of the Youth Opportunities Night, Youth for the Philippines, and Interscholastic Youth Leaders Initiative. Each of these events aim to equip the next generation of leaders with the tools necessary in order to foster change in the Philippines.


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