Ateneo Association of European Studies Students

Association of European Studies Students

Analysis & Discourse Cluster

PRESIDENT: Czarina Mae P. Villarama


The Ateneo Association of European Studies (Ateneo AEuSS) not only serves as the home organization of European Studies majors, but also of individuals who share a passion for understanding the social, political, economic, cultural awareness, as well as the issues between Europe and the Philippines. Through its various projects, AEuSS helps propel its members’ to become globally competitive by honing their skills and understanding of diplomacy, public speaking, business and the economy. The Ateneo AEuSS helps provide avenues for members to develop a critical understanding of EU-Philippine relations, especially in the context of international relations and business, geared towards the creation of empowered leaders and social development. This year, with the occurrence of the ASEAN integration, AEuSS will play a vital role in helping its members and the Ateneo community to understand the intricacies and implications of the European Union as the model for ASEAN integration. In short, AEuSS is a multi-disciplinary org that is here to broaden your horizons with open arms!


The Association of European Studies Students, equipped with the values of culture-rootedness, envisions itself as the premier organization that offers training to Ateneans in EU-Philippine business and political matters, preparing them for propelling the nation into a competitive and formidable international player.


The Association of European Studies Students seeks to develop leaders skilled in the critical analysis of EU-Philippine political and economic relations, world vision and its relation to the Philippine context.

Core Competencies:

  1.   Developing critical understanding of EU- Philippine economic relations geared towards social development.
  2.   Developing critical understanding of EU-Philippine relations and policies geared towards social development.

  1. We are the youngest accredited organization in the Ateneo as of date!
  2. Our Executive Board’s structure is one of a kind, we have a Prime Minister instead of a Vice-President (who handles the internal affairs of the org), through the different echelons within the org, AEuSS has 5 “Ministries”, with an assigned “Minister” to facilitate in each of their respective jurisdiction.
  3. Within the org, AEuSS calls its EB “The G8”. Quite so, because in the field international relations, the G8 is aptly named for the congregation of the eight most industrialized countries in the world, making them the leaders in global affairs.


  1. In order to nurture the skills of the members, we are conducting a number of leadership training seminars and interesting projects that will aid in their personal development, and this can greatly help in their ventures in their own particular fields.

  2. Avenues and opportunities to facilitate discourse regarding political and social contexts and issues.
  3. As a home organization, one of the services we provide is by enriching the European Studies Program’s reach and influence through projects that aim to promote EU-Philippine relations and integration within the whole global spectrum.



Ateneo Model United Nations Conference


Institutional Visits



Ateneo Model United Nations Conference

An academic simulation of the United Nations inviting students of all levels to engage in the global discourses on pressing and relevant issues.

Institutional Visits

It provides opportunities for members to visit international and national institutions, and to learn more about how their roles in the relationship between Europe and the Philippines.


An annual fundraising event which highlights European culture by selling sweets with European origin, and providing message translations using European languages.


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