Ateneo Environmental Science Society

Ateneo Environmental Science Society

Health and Environment Cluster

PRESIDENT: Jaime Ignacio Sison


The Ateneo Environmental Science Society is the pioneer environmental organization of the Ateneo de Manila University. Known as EcoWarriors, members fight for the four main advocacies: sustainability, forest and wildlife conservation, energy conservation, and marine conservation. The projects and events include immersions, community engagements, talks, seminars, and more. Grounded on the principles of logical environmentalism and ecological interrelationship, the organization aims to instill within the members the importance of environment in each discipline, and the importance of lifestyle change, and eventually to the rest of the nation.


The AESS envisions an Atenean community who will lead the Loyola Schools through involvement of logical and proactive environmental efforts leading to a nationwide movement for a sustainable environment and lifestyle.


As the premier environmental organization of the Ateneo dedicated towards sustainable development, the Ateneo ESS is an empowered community that has consciousness and appreciation for the environment. The organization commits itself to initiating campaigns that are grounded on scientific reason and logical environmentalism. The Ateneo ESS aids Ateneans, especially Environmental Science Majors, in enhancing their understanding of man’s relationship with the environment by providing avenues of participation inside and outside the University.

Core Competencies:

  •   Advocating the principle of logical environmentalism grounded on ecological interrelationship
  •   Providing different avenues for concrete action and involvement for the environment and also activities that foster camaraderie among members and amongst ES majors

  1. The current Ateneo president, Fr. Jett is an ecowarrior! In fact, “Environment and Development” is one of his three strategic thrusts.
  2. “Echo” and “Pau” are the official AESS mascots and you can add him on Facebook! Just search “Echo N. Pau”!
  3. Even though AESS is proudly the home organization of ES Majors, we also recognize the need for a collective approach in protecting our earth. Therefore, the organization is open to all Ateneans, as we all need to do our part in saving the environment.


  1. Ecocamp– A day for high school students to learn about environmental sustainability through talks, workshops, and a campus tour.
  2. Sustainability Formation Camp– A new project wherein the most active members of the organizations are trained to spearhead significant environmental change and to become leaders towards environmental sustainable lifestyle.
  3. Ecotalks– A series of talks on different environmental issues by professional speakers.
  4. Ecotours– Three separate tours (Tree Planting, Madlum and Turtle Walk) for participants to immerse themselves in the non-urban environment. Look out for Turtlewalk!


Turtle Walk

Environmental Summit


Turtle Walk

Participants spend 2 days with the Pawikan Patrollers in Bataan learning about their journey in the conservation pawikans. Turtle Walk also aims to help out and support other conservation centers.

Environmental Summit

This is a two-day event that aims to tackle deep and relevant environmental issues approached from different perspectives. This is open to all organizations, faculties, and students


AESS Week is a week-long event on campus celebration of environmentalism. It aims to showcase the environmental efforts of the organization from various disciplines through several collaborations.



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