Ateneo Electronics and Computer Engineering Society

Ateneo Electronics and Computer Engineering Society

Science and Technology Cluster

PRESIDENT: Al Francis L. Bontogan


“Serving as the sole and premier engineering organization in the Loyola Schools, the Ateneo Electronics and Computer Engineering Society (AECES) is home to students who possess brilliant ideas and creative minds. As an organization, AECES caters to everyone who shares the common passion for science and engineering as tools for innovation amid coming from diverse backgrounds and histories.
In line with the Ignatian Principles coupled with the organization’s core competencies, AECES envisions itself as a society of holistic innovators who are fully committed in becoming a catalyst to serve communities particularly those that lie on the periphery. Such may be achieved by the projects lined up for this year geared to provide support, training, and field exposure; while at the same time promoting rapport and camaraderie among members.”


The Ateneo Electronics and Computer Engineering Society envisions itself as a community of holistic innovators and engineers who are dedicated in serving the community, the country and God through the integration of the discipline of science and engineering, and the Ignatian ideals of Cura Personalis, Excellence and Service.


The Ateneo Electronics and Computer Engineering Society endeavors to form ingenious and outstanding innovators and engineers by providing adequate support, training and exposure in the field of electronics and computer engineering and by establishing good rapport among its members; thereby granting them the skills to effectively render service that will benefit the whole society.

Core Competencies:

  •   Member Development through Academic Support and Technical Application
  •   Social Service through Engineering

  1. Our members only understand the org logo after sophomore year. It’s a Bipolar Junction Transistor; search for it
  2. Knorr is a necessity!
  3. AECES’ mascots (Resistor man and friends) are all electronic components and measuring devices. Call it nerdy, but they’re cute!


  1. AECES Buzzers AECES created its own, cost efficient buzzers open for leasing to organizations. These buzzers could be used for events with the nature of Quiz Bees..
  2. AECES Electronics Being the organization of ECCE majors, we could create simple electronic products that would cater to the needs of organizations. Example of such product is a basketball scoreboard. The products are, however, made by the demand of the organization and its feasibility.


Hobbyist’s Night

AECES Workshops

AECES Networking Team

Hobbyist’s Night

Everyone’s invited to share their love for electronics! This is a night dedicated to people who want to spread their knowledge and experiences with the community. Inspire, learn, and enjoy.

AECES Workshops

Free for all workshops in the different fields of ECCE: coding, game or application design, and robotics, hosted by specialists of the topic. Prizes in store for mini competition winners.

AECES Networking Team

Formed by a group of compassionate innovators, ANT helps marginalized areas by creating simple yet efficient projects that can be deployed to aid and support partner communities.



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