Ateneo Economics Association

Ateneo Economics Association

Analysis & Discourse Cluster

PRESIDENT: Gabriel Cuenca Caral



The Ateneo Economics Association is the premier economics organization of the Ateneo de Manila University. As an organization that is geared towards economic consciousness, AEA forms its members to be versed in the theory and practice of economics and to serve as active catalysts for socioeconomic development. The organization strives to create an atmosphere that is conducive to forming agents of social change and gives importance to the formation of its members and the development of future leaders.

AEA spearheads one of the biggest forums and fundraises in the Ateneo – as well as provide fun and creative activities to maximize the potentials of its members. As an organization that is open to all courses, AEA promotes advancement and application of economics in a variety of fields.

Established in 1960, the Ateneo Economics Association has been engaging its members in activities that are socially relevant. (922 CWS)


The Ateneo Economics Association (AEA) aims to be a dynamic and progressive student group that forms its members into competent leaders and agents of economic welfare who are versed both in the theory and practice of economics, staunch promoters of economic consciousness among the rest of the community, and active catalyst in endeavors for socioeconomic development.


The fulfillment of AEA’s goals lies on the implementation of projects aligned towards our vision. Our organization shall be committed to the following five approaches in the pursuit of AEA’s ideals: 1) progressive membership through effective academic support, competent leadership formation, and stable internal relationships; 2) promotion of economic consciousness by staging opportunities for economic discourse; 3) serving as an intermediary between the academe (the Ateneo Economics Department plus other pertinent Economics-related bodies) and the Ateneo student body; 4) participation in endeavors for socioeconomic development by equipping students with the necessary faculties for economic research and engaging in related efforts which are beneficial and relevant to the rest of the community; and 5) advancement and application of basic economic principles in good business practices.

Core Competencies:

  • Passion in Economics
  • Socioeconomic Development
  • Economic Discourse

  1. President Noynoy Aquino was an AEAn.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, AEA is open to all courses. The organization has members from SOH, SOSE, SOM and other courses from SOSS. AEA currently has Executive Board Officers from BS AMF, BS MGT and BS HSci.
  3. AEA is one of the oldest and most established organization in the Ateneo. The organization was established on 1960 and is now celebrating its 55th year.


  1. Academic Aid – AEA offers tutorial services to students who need support in the following subjects: Mathematics (Ma1, Ma11, Ma20, Ma21), Economics (Ec102, Ec111, Ec115, Ec116, Ec117), and Accounting 15. AEA’s tutorial services on Mathematics are mostly useful to freshmen who will be taking a required diagnostic exam to advance/remain in their Ma11 classes.
  2. CoMPARE (Community Markets, Poverty and Research Education) – AEA collaborates with the Office of Social Concern and Involvement in spearheading the NSTP and JEEP Programs of the sophomore and junior Economics majors of the Ateneo. AEA aids OSCI with the necessary survey sheets during the profiling sessions other than the general assistance the organization offers to the office.
  3. AEAssets – AEA offers printing and laminating services at very low prices. The organization also lends whiteboards that may be use during quiz bees and other similar competitions.


AEA-ValentinesInAugustValentines in August



Valentines in August

Valentine’s in August is AEA’s longest-running and widely known project, having been held by AEA for over 30 years. Flowers are sold at the month farthest from February to create an artificial demand.


The EconTour(s) is an exposure trip that gives AEAns a glimpse of the world beyond those campus gates and is the perfect opportunity for them to visualize themselves outside the classroom.


An avenue for discovering the different applications of economics, KamalAEAn is a series of talks that aims to showcase the relevance of economics in various fields and industries.



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