Ateneo Debate Society

Ateneo Debate Society

Analysis & Discourse Cluster

PRESIDENT: Adrian Padilla


For 25 years now, the Ateneo Debate Society has continually aimed for Debate Excellence and Debate Education.
We pursue debate excellence through our consistent training—from Applicants to Varsity Members. We encourage a culture of awareness on the current issues we have to debate about. It is evident that we have gained debate excellence—consistently being within the top 15 debate teams in the world and holding the title as national champion for 3 straight years. We are pioneers of debate education through seminars and open debates in the Philippines. We host debate tournaments for both college and high school students to encourage the same culture of awareness and critical thinking we create within our organization.
Most of all, through all the triumphs and hardships, we have become a family that learns and grows together while striving for a common cause.


The Ateneo Debate Society aims to form an Ignatian, Filipino debating society that will: set the standard of excellence that will raise the status of Philippine debating to a 
competitive level in the global arena; and create a tradition of debating in the Philippines that will instill the virtues of 
critical analysis and eloquence .


The Ateneo Debate Society strives to achieve the following goals: to create an environment of debate within and outside the Ateneo that will 
encourage students to learn the art of debating; to provide the system of instruction that will teach those willing to learn; and to develop a varsity debating team and to equip them with the necessary training 
to successfully represent the Ateneo in inter-collegiate competitions here and abroad. The organization began the year with a strong focus on two things: developing its members as viable leaders, in order to take full advantage of the 
skill they possess and ensure good transition; and continuing excellence in competitive debating and debate education, especially as 
representatives of our school and country.

Core Competencies:

  • Debate Excellence
  • Debate Education

  1. The ADS is currently ranked the 13th best debate institution in the world by the International Debate Education Association, effectively ranking highest in Asia.
  2. In 2011, the ADS challenged Senator Vicente Sotto III to a public debate, asking him to defend his statements against the RH Bill. To this, the senator declined.
  3. Was the first Asian institution to host the prestigious Worlds Universities Debating Championship, held back in 1999.
  4. The ADS has a reputation for sending its younger members to the different corners of the world such as New Zealand, Germany, India, Australia, Malaysia, the UK, and more.


  1. Chamber Debates: Upon request, we can organize a public debate on relevant and/or popular issues for other organizations or even academic departments in Ateneo.
  2. En11 Debate Lectures: Upon request, varsity members of the ADS may give a lecture on critical thinking, argument building, & public speaking for the English 11 classes.
  3. Debate Education Program (DEP): As stated above in the flagship projects section, the ADS may provide debating lectures and workshops to students in various parts of the country. This program is free of charge.
  4. Inter-organization Partnerships: The ADS is open to partnering with other organizations to organize tournaments, public speaking seminars, and the like.


Ateneo Debate Camp

Philippine Schools Debate Championship

Ateneo Intervarsity

Debate Education Program (DEP)

The Debate Education Program is the ADS’s initiative to contribute to debate and public speaking formation through public speaking workshops and mini debate tournaments across the country.

Philippine Schools Debate Championship (PSDC)

PSDC is the flagship project of the ADS and the biggest high school tournament in the Philippines. It attracts more than 300 students each year, all vying for the top spot and title of national champion.

Ateneo Intervarsity (AIV)

AIV is the ADS’ open debate tournament. High school students to alumni from both national and international institutions compete annually. Every final has had debaters of highest caliber.



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