Association for Communications Technology Management

Ateneo Association for Communications Technology Management

Business Cluster

PRESIDENT: Erika Christine S. Bayot



The Ateneo Association for Communications Technology Management (ACTM) is the home organization of Communications Technology Management majors. As one of the most dynamic courses in the Ateneo, CTM majors are exposed to an interdisciplinary approach that combines the fields of information technology, communications and management integrated into a business curriculum. Overall, the course aims to produce managers who understand the creative process of business. The organization hopes to be the perfect supplement to any CTM student’s four year stay in college. ACTM aims to nurture its members with camaraderie, academic and co-curricular support, career-building opportunities, and other avenues that would enhance the diverse skill set of Comtech majors. All our projects and services are designed to help mold our members to becoming experts in the field of Integrated Marketing Communications who advocate creativity in the business setting. In ACTM, not only do our members find a home, but they are also constantly driven to move beyond ideas.


The Ateneo Association for Communications Technology Management envisions itself to be recognized as the leading organization in the field of Integrated Marketing Communications within and beyond the Ateneo. Through its projects and/or services, the organization aspires to create a community of Integrated Marketing Communications experts who advocate creativity in the business setting.


1. To serve as a community for all Communications Technology Management majors that gathers its members in the spirit of camaraderie through the efforts and opportunities presented by the organization;
2. To train and develop its members to become Integrated Marketing Communications experts who believe in the value of strategic planning and creativity in business;
3. To conduct business guided by the principles of professionalism, insightful idea generation, and excellence within and outside the Ateneo.

Core Competencies:

  1. Integrated Marketing Communications
  2. Clear, consistent and compelling message across multiple communications channels
  3. Consumer centric, rooted on consumer insight and gives emphasis to strategic planning
  4. Elicit emotional response and/or connection with consumer

  1. Ateneo ACTM is turning 18 this year!
  2. Singer Miguel Escueta was once ACTM’s EVP and Never The Strangers’ Ace Libre was an ACTM member too.
  3. ACTM is a metier of creativity; one of our oldest org traditions is the Executive Board members competing for most creative presentations whenever possible.


  1. MAD Concepts – Marketing, Advertising and Design (MAD) Concepts is the creative agency arm of Ateneo ACTM. MAD Concepts aims to provide quality yet affordable creative services to the Ateneo community, student organizations, small to medium enterprises and corporations. Its goal is to be able to provide the organization’s members with real-life opportunities to utilize their skills in design and marketing, as well as accounts management.



RecWeek17Pictures_AteneoACTM_CampIMCCamp IMC

RecWeek17Pictures_AteneoACTM_YearEndInitiativeYear-end Initiative


Numina is an intercollegiate graphic design, photo manipulation, and videography competition that promotes the advocacy of a beneficiary and exhibits talents of students in the new media arts.

Camp IMC

Camp IMC, an intercollegiate Integrated Marketing Communications competition partnered with a company for a particular cause, provides students an opportunity to hone and practice their IMC skills.

Year-end Initiative

The ACTM year-end event serves to celebrate the past year and induct the new leaders into their term. This flagship project ensures significant IMC utilization across all phases of project planning.


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