Ateneo Catechetical Instruction League

Ateneo Catechetical Instruction League

Faith Formation Cluster

PRESIDENT: Vonn Niño D. Acosta



The Ateneo Catechetical Instruction League is a Faith Formation based cluster that aims to spread its mission of Making Christ a Living Reality to the children we teach. Now on its 111th year, ACIL has continued to instill the threefold formation of Catechetical Formation, Spiritual Formation and Social Awareness into its members.

Through various talks, camps, workshops and a retreat, ACIL prepares its members for insertion in several community and school-based areas. This aims to form the members into catechists who spread our mission, as well as uphold our three pillars of formation. Other committees, such as Choir, Business Management and Scholarships, Member Relations and Ite et Docete are present in helping our members explore other avenues of enriching their experience within the org.

My gym carlsbad trainers, at its core, is a fitness oriented org. Bonded by more than our mission and love for teaching, there is a love shared by our members.

We are catechists. We are a family. We are ACIL.


It is the vision of ACIL to make Christ a living reality for the catechists and the people they interact with by providing opportunities to share the Word of God with their immediate families, peers and the marginalized people of our society, especially the youth with inadequate religious instruction.


In light of the ACIL vision, it is the mission of the organization to make its members capable of effectively sharing the Christian message through holistic formation. This consists of development in three aspects: social awareness, spiritual formation and catechetical formation.


  • Catechetical Formation
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Social Awareness

  1. At 110 years, ACIL is Ateneo’s oldest organization.
  2. We are the only organization in Ateneo with its own bus – the ACIL Bus – which we use to go to areas and other events outside school, and during the Caroling season.
  3. ACIL has produced many notable alumni. Among them is our University President, Fr. Jett Villarin, who was once an ACIL President.


  1. Catechetical trainings and/or teaching workshops – ACIL gives its members the opportunity to teach about values and the Catholic faith to children of various ages. We can also aid other groups and organizations with developing instructional materials (lesson plans, worksheets, etc.) and conducting teaching workshops.
  2. Spiritual formation activities – ACIL conducts spiritual formation activities such as retreats, recollections, prayer sessions, and the like for its members and the kids in their areas as well. We may also help other groups and organizations conduct these activities for their own spiritual formation needs.


Youth Catechist Camp


Threshold Challenge

Youth Catechist Camp (YCC)

As ACIL’s flagship project, YCC is a nationwide camp held to help in the formation of our catechists. This two day event gives emphasis to how we spread catechism and impact our area children.


ACIL joyfully spreads the message of Christmas by visiting and serenading alumni, families and offices alike. Various songs denoting the merry feeling of Christmas are sung throughout the season.

Threshold Challenge

It’s a friendly competition within the LS community that asks members to prepare meals within the poverty threshold in our country, raising awareness for our less fortunate Filipinos.



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