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The Council of Organizations of the Ateneo (COA) is the sole autonomous confederation of all fifty-three (53) duly-accredited student organizations in the Ateneo de Manila University Loyola Schools. COA is united in developing Ateneans to become active, competent, and holistically formed leaders who contribute to nation-­building through the Ignatian tradition of service and excellence.

COA works to promote a vibrant and flourishing organization life in the Ateneo through its roles in (1) defending and advancing the general welfare of its organizations as a representative body; (2) ensuring the smooth operations cycle not just of the Council as a whole, but also of individual organizations as an administrative body; and (3) fostering the enrichment of core competencies and the organizational development towards the holistic formation of their members as a formative body.

In COA, we have what we call our key result areas which are our sort of “battlecries” when we go out and do our thing: excellence,community and nation-building.


  • Excellence is COA’s everyday commitment to maximize the potential of organizations and guide them towards realizing new potential, for constant growth of the self and the other. Through subsidies, trainings, external connection and strong administrative support, we prop up our organizations to be the best in what they do.
  • As a community, COA is collaborative body that moves toward a shared vision while at the same time upholding the interests of its individual member organizations. We try to do this by fostering collaborations, establishing good relationships among organizations and their leaders and initiatives such as leadership circles and COAmmunity-Building sessions.
  • Lastly, nation-building is the maximization of competencies by providing avenues for positive social impact as a response to the call to love and serve. Whatever we do in COA, we aim to do these for the greater glory of God and to build a better Philippines and a better world, one org activity at a time, one org member at a time!
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The Council of Organizations of the Ateneo envisions itself as a community of Ateneo student organizations united in developing Ateneans to become proactive, competent, and holistically formed leaders who initiate positive changes within the Ateneo community and in the greater society through the Ignatian tradition of service and excellence.

As the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo, we aim to develop quality organizations by empowering them to be united, effective, and sustainable through proper guidance, dialogue, and support, thereby providing venues for the holistic formation of Ateneans through the core competencies of the different organizations.

The Central Board

The COA Central Board is composed of the executive board (President, Chief­-of-­Staff, Secretary­-General, Finance Officer, Vice President for Special Projects, Vice President for Training Development, and Vice President for Organization Strategies & Research) and the cluster heads and secretary treasurers of the nine clusters. As a Central Board, our thrust is to carry on the commitment to a tradition of service and excellence through and for organizations, together as one community in the service of God and nation.

The Office of the President

The president of the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo is Jamie Sora C. Abawag.

You may contact her at coapresident@gmail.com. You may also reach the council at coa.ls@obf.ateneo.edu.

Jamie Sora C. Abawag